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Copyright infringement accusation

Posted by boyviking - 1 month ago

I am currently banned due to one of the Newgrounds bots accusing me of stealing someone else's music. Of course, I have proof that this music is mine. Whenever I go to the song that it thinks I copyrighted, I listen to it. It sounds nothing like it. This will delay me from posting a little bit. Sorry.



Comments (5)

First thing to do when you upload a song :

- Is it your song?

- Does it has copyrighted samples or loops from a sample pack?

- Did you wrote the entire song by yourself?

- Are you 100% sure that you don't have any doubt about the authenticity of the track?

If you can't say yes to one of those questions, well you might get a copyright violation.

It is my song, and all the sample packs are uncopyrighted as far as I know. I wrote it all by myself and I'm sure that it is authentic.

Okay, you said you used samples. I'm going to link you this thread regarding sample usage:

It doesn't matter if it isn't copyrighted. If you heavily relied on samples, then it is considered stolen. This is because you are basically making use of work that you didn't originally make. You were using premade assets that someone else made.

These sound packs are not from Newgrounds. These are are all royalty free samples. But the main problem for me is that it thinks I completely reposted someone else's song.

I think you misinterpreted it. The thread is talking about premade audio clips being used in audio portal submissions, not other people using other people's submissions.

It doesn't matter if it is not from Newgrounds. If a submission is compromised mostly on someone else's or premade assets then it is not allowed, even if it is royalty free. This is because they want people to put in more effort into creating something unique. This is also stated in the rules of the audio portal:

These are not premade loops or audio clips. Just drums and other stuff.

Then go back to the thread.

Basically, did you make the samples? If the answer is no and your submission if mostly comprised of that then it is not allowed, it is considered as stolen content.

Thank you for your help. I'll be more careful about that next time. I still don't understand why it keeps picking a random song that it thinks I stole though.

You're Welcome :) I think it picked that song because it used the same or similar samples.